The International Primary Curriculum “IPC”

The IPC is an international curriculum used by many schools across the globe. The curriculum allows teachers to acknowledge multiple-intelligences in each learner by focusing on a combination of academic, personal and international learning. A child is empowered to learn and interact through activities that call for application of the knowledge and skills gained. This makes the whole learning experience real and meaningful. When combined with strong educational values, our learners strive to excel, persevere, inquire, think critically and reflect.

At the core of the IPC are clearly defined learning goals in every subject of the curriculum. Core subjects include the Science, History, Society, Technology, Geography, ICT (Information Communication and Technology), International learning, Music and Arts.

As we learn to live in a world without boundaries, it is equally important to teach young learners to be culturally sensitive and understanding of the meaning of respect and empathy. A sense of open-mindedness is crucial and positive conflict resolution is a natural part of everyday life as young learners develop successful peer relations. All these elements combined contribute to learners being connected with the school and with their peers.

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