Specialist Programs


Toddlers in Art Class

Children explore mediums, tools, techniques to create individual expressions of art

  1. Work with Colours: mixing, moving, watch effects with additives like salt, extra water, glue, foam, sand.
  2. Learn to use tools and explore different techniques: different brushes, strokes, control (large and small manipulation; language), scraping, splatting, bristling, waving motion, scratching, filling, outlining, tracing, and working with textures and effects.
  3. Learn that art is about observing shapes: Drawing for expression, learning that lines tell stories, refining fine motor control, imagination with shapes, having fun with Silhouettes.
  4. Create works of art using natural materials: leaves, stones, twigs, bark etc.
  5. Sculpt using different media;
  6. Create with recycled materials
  7. Learn about artists and techniques/ tools they worked with



Our music program that introduces elementary concepts of music learning to children aged 3-4 years in a hip and fun way!

Vocal skills: understanding pitch and volume in a range of songs based on themes in the class.

Music and movement: exploring movement with variations in space (high low etc.), time (freeze, stop, go) and energy (slow, fast, free flowing, staccato etc.).

Beat and Rhythms: introduction to instruments and the sounds they make to frame early understanding in music; working on simple patterns (beats); learning about tempo and how notes are created from patterns in sounds.



Children learn basic greetings and everyday vocabulary in Mandarin.

Through songs, fun games and easy to follow story books, students expand their high frequency words, common names, colours, numbers, body parts and verbs, gradually learning simple sentence construction in Mandarin.




K1 class relaxing in their Yoga class


Students learn new ways to move their body, to strengthen muscle control and co-ordination in this class. They practice and challenge themselves with yoga poses and have fun with a range of movements to music and direction.

The Yoga and Movement class includes a warm-up, cardio respiratory, muscular strength, flexibility and relaxation exercises and is conducted by a trained and child yoga certified teacher.




Our Library is always a fun place to be

The children are introduced to the library routine that becomes a part of their routine at the Quayside Isle Pre-School.

Each child selects a book they want to read at home and then on a Friday, changes this book for another. Some children like to read and reread a book several times before they are ready to pick another and then others want to sample something new every time. What is most important is that they decide and pick the book they are drawn to.