Summer School June 11 to July 6

We have finalized all the fun and engaging programs running throughout the four weeks in the summer and we are opening the registration next week! Should you be in town for the summer time, do not miss the opportunity to sign up for what promises to be an amazing experience for your children. 

*Note that you can choose any of the four weeks of the Program, and the weeks from different programs can be combined: 

Here is the outline of the 4 different weeks (all the details can be found in the attachment): 


Week 1 – Parent & Tot with Ms Nisa (Incoming Toddlers only – choosing from individual days) 
Week 2 – Parent & Tot with Ms Bea (Incoming Toddlers only – choosing from individual days) 

Weeks 1 – 2: Theatre Camp with Ms. Mun
Weeks 1 – 2: Fun with Cooking Camp with Ms. Laure

Weeks 3 – 4: Fun with Cooking Camp with Ms. Corine
Weeks 3 – 4: Creativity Camp with Ms. Bea

**Note there is no Parent & Tot Program running during Weeks 3 and 4.
To sign up please email Olga with your preference of the Week(s)/Program(s).

ALL the Programs (apart from Parent & Tot) are open to students who are 3, and potty-trained.

The Programs are open for enrolment for children who are not students of QuIPS, however, QuIPS students have priority.


Jun 11 2018 - Jul 16 2018