Lead and Assistant teacher positions are currently closed. Applications will remain on file, and suitable candidates will be contacted when there is a vacancy.

Music Teacher (part-time)

Minimum Requirements
The candidate must be qualified and experienced in working with 2-7 year olds.
Minimum Diploma in Teaching and/or Education from a recognized institution, involving not less than 3 years full time study
We are looking for a Music Teacher who …

For this position we seek an enthusiastic educator who is willing to make a positive contribution to the development of QuIPS. Candidates must have the following profile:

  • Teaching qualifications
  • Experience in teaching to Pre-School age students (2 – 7 yrs) from different backgrounds
  • Minimum of 3 years work experience in Pre-School/Primary education
  • Fluent in English
  • Be able to work effectively with students, parents and colleague
  • Be able to create a fun learning environment for the students to enjoy their Music classe
  • Fun and flexible


  • Teaching music to all Pre-school levels (1-2 days)
  • Developing music curriculum in close cooperation with the teachers and the management team
  • Plan and conduct the music lessons
  • Assessment of students on music competences
  • Track and record students’ progress/ contribute to end-of-year reports
  • Have good organizational skills
  • To be a versatile, highly motivated, creative person
  • Offer music-related after school activities (1 day a week)

Required Skills

Furthermore we highly value candidates who have a passion for this wonderful profession and are always working to improve the learning experience of all students at QuIPS. A strong candidate must be a good team player, have excellent social and communication skills, be flexible and optimistic, and have a good sense of humour.

Please email your CV to: info@quips.edu.sg   

Relief Teachers

Are you thinking of a new career in Early Childhood Education? Do you enjoy being around young children? Are you keen to explore working in a preschool class? Would you like to extend your voluntary classroom experience to a paid job?

Our Relief Teachers are energetic, committed and professional, and while certifications and background is not necessary, individuals seeking to explore Early Childhood Education  as a potential  profession/or those that have had significant classroom experience as parent volunteers  are preferred over other candidates.

Please get in touch at info@quips.edu.sg if you are  interested in applying to work as a Relief  Teacher at Quayside Isle Preparatory School.

All teachers at QUIPS enjoy a FREE Shuttle Bus service from Harbourfront MRT (Exit A) to Quayside Isle (Sentosa Cove Arrival Plaza).

Assistant Teacher

We are looking for trained/experienced teachers who will support the lead teacher with classroom duties that include class management and activity preparation.

  • Diploma in Early Childhood Care and EducationTeaching or Certificate in Early Childhood Care and Education would be an advantage

This position is also open to individuals who are aspiring to be teachers and looking for classroom experience.

We need assistant teachers who

  • Are passionate about working with young children (age 2-6 yrs)
  • Have strong communication skills and are good team players.
  • Have helped maintain class order and organisation.
  • Have worked with students to support academic goals.
  • Have assisted teachers with formative assessments.
  • Have worked in partnership with the lead teacher to ensure smooth transitions through the school day.
  • Have assisted with strategies to guide different and individual developmental needs.
  • Will assist the teacher with instructional support when required.

All teachers at QUIPS enjoy a FREE Shuttle Bus service from Harbourfront MRT (Exit A) to Sentosa Cove Arrival Plaza.

Please email your CV to: info@quips.edu.sg